Our Story


Hi! My name is Chelsea creator and owner of Manik Mom. Our story began when our eldest daughter was a baby and recently diagnosed with a rare condition that not only affected her internally but also on her skin. After what felt like a 100 different doctors poking and prodding her to figure out what she had and the best care plan for her, my husband and I decided to research on our own. We always left her appointments feeling like the dots never connected and like we were advised to really just put a band-aid on instead of getting to the root cause and treating it. 

Our natural journey began with a friend who introduced me to essential oils. I was very hesitant at first as our daughters condition can cause her to be anaphylactic to literally anything--food, heat, cold, environment, chemicals, smells and so much more! So as you can see this was a whole new can of worms. I dove into natural herbs, essential oils, chemical free living, plant based living, ALL the "crunchy" things. I wanted to know everything down to the benefits and maybe even the not so great things! 

Needless to say, after a long few months of researching and contemplating making a huge lifestyle change we weighed the pros and cons and found there weren’t many cons, if any. We just knew at this point we felt we had to try something! We did a complete 180 in a day! My husband laughed at me as I went around our home scanning all of our household items-from the kitchen to the bathroom- to see how dirty it was. We were amazed that 95% of our home had scored and 8 or higher on the dirty list.

Its no wonder we experience rashes like eczema, skin irritations, respiratory irritations, allergy flare ups of all kinds, immune dysfunctions.

Manik Mom was a brain child for 3 years. I wanted to set out to help other families who are living natural or looking into living natural. I was very scared to make the leap with so many odds against us. I know that fear and I am setting out to help you with your journey. We loved the essential oil company we were affiliated with but honestly it was very expensive to keep up with and essential oils became a necessity in our home. My husband and I sat many nights and talked about how in the world can we bring natural products to other families at a more affordable cost. We know we aren't the only family who lives on a budget. We wanted to bring affordability without cutting the value of the product. We wanted connection and community. We want to help other families who are searching. We know how it feels to be alone in this journey and we want you to know you are not alone. 

We hope that here at Manik Mom you find community, encouragement, compassion, and love. We hope to embody and be shining examples of that as we conduct our friendship with you.

Love, Manik Mom and Family.